Robo Advisor – Scholarship: Investing Early?

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A new and upcoming form of investment, free of all human emotions and errors. Robo Advisors are going to be the future of investment advice!

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We at Robo-Advices made it our mission to give you the necessary information to decide for yourself which Robo Advisor is the one for you.

Your Turn

That’s where you come into play: Write an essay if early investments are good for young people like you and why Robo Advisors could be that investment!

We at Robo Advices are determined to make the investment process easier for people. Another thing we’re passionate about is supporting talented students all around the world.

Our yearly scholarship is open to students from anywhere on the planet. This year, we are asking you to write an essay about the importance of early investment and why Robo Advisors could be that investment and you may win $1,500. Explain why you think it is important for young people to invest and how it can benefit them in the long term. Make your essay up to 1000 words long, but no shorter than 700. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Find your information here:


Save the essay as .pdf or .doc and email it to us at Please include the subject “Investing Early Scholarship Application”. Don’t forget to include your personal info so we can contact you in case you win – full name, phone, address. We will never share your info with anybody. Another thing we need is a proof you’re currently attending college. This is an important step, and we will be checking the legitimacy.

By submitting an essay, you are allowing us to publish it on our website.

The deadline for submitting an essay is February 28, 2018. The winner will be announced on March 1. The only restriction applies to the last year’s winner, who can’t apply this time. You are allowed to submit one essay per person.

Good luck!